L & H Dentalcare has been a prevention-orientated┬ádental practice since the 1970s. It’s our aim to keep your teeth and gums healthy so you require fewer treatments.

The hygienists at L&H Dentalcare

The hygienists at L&H Dentalcare

Our original practice owners Mr. Barnard, Mr. Lambert and Dr Hunter worked to develop a prevention-based dental practice in line with Scandinavian and American models. It was a revolutionary concept in the UK and especially in Scotland where the norm was extraction and dentures. Our dental hygienists were central to this concept.

Patients benefited from regular visits to the hygienist who gave them professional cleaning and oral hygiene advice. People started to retain their teeth instead of having to opt for dentures. This not only improved their dental health, but also their general health and quality of life.

Now all of our patients have regular hygienist time incorporated into their care. The practice now has 3 full time hygienist chairs servicing 6 dental surgeries.

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