Cleanliness Champion

At L&H Dentalcare you can rest assured that your treatments are carried out in a safe and clean environment. Ensuring that all instruments and work spaces are rigorously cleaned is central to our commitment to cleanliness.

The practice has appointed a ‘cleanliness champion’ whose¬†role¬†is to¬†attend courses and educate the team with the most up to date Infection Control advice. By¬†making sure we are following all of¬†the policies and guidelines we can deliver the best standards for patients.

In 2003 we were the first practice in Scotland to get a washer disinfector, an automated machine to clean instruments. In 2006 we built an LDU, Local Decontamination Unit.

The LDU¬†is a state-of-the-art central sterilisation room for cleaning and sterilising our instruments. Have a look in the glass door on your way to visit the hygienist and you’ll see how it works.