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L&H dentalcare is a preventative dental practice in Hamilton, that offers the opportunity of life long dental health.

Our care plans are tailored to our patients' individual needs providing regular oral health maintenence and treatments at affordable costs.

We specialise in providing high quality cosmetic dental services, including dental implants, composite bonding and a range of orthodontic treatments.

Some of our Treatments

Dental Care Plans

We all know that dental treatment can be expensive.

With this in mind we’ve created three simple and affordable plans to help with your dental treatment costs. Each one is designed to meet the needs of specific patients.

Find out more about the plans, call us or talk about your needs.

In-House Dental Lab

In 2015 L & H opened our own in-house dedicated dental laboratory.

It has greatly improved the way we are able to provide treatments for our patients. Having our own laboratory on site allows us, along with you, to be much closer involved in the design and finish of your custom made restorations. Helping you have the very best made restorations available anywhere.