Veneers are the ideal option for people who have looked after their teeth but just need a little help to make them look perfect.

At L&H Dentalcare we can give you veneers which will hide any minor discrepancies in tooth colour, shape and position.

The great thing about veneers is that they require minimal preparation to the tooth so your treatments should be quick and easy. They are ideal for anyone who has had very little or no work done on their teeth but have small blemishes or imperfections. At L&H Dentalcare we can now also turn around veneer treatments for patients in Glasgow and Hamilton much more quickly thanks to our state of the art in-house dental lab.

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L & H Dentalcare has been a prevention-orientated dental practice since the 1970s. It’s our aim to keep your teeth and gums healthy so you require fewer treatments.

0% Finance
We offer a range of affordable monthly repayment options, 0% finance on treatments over £350. No deposits required. Easy at home application process.